Decoding The Deals,
One Transaction at a Time.


SportsBiz Media's The Transaction Report is a unique radio show that transcends opinion and provides sports fans with a behind-the-scenes dynamic look at the multimillion-dollar deals that are rapidly changing the sports landscape. Each program features a wealth of distinguished domestic and international experts who provide an insider's view to the intricate commercial dealings that make the business of sports one of the most captivating industries in the world today.



Steve Feuerstein

Show Host

The Transaction Report is hosted by Steve Feuerstein, an award-winning New York-based radio host and media personality since 1991. He served as host of the leading social-political talk show in the tri-state area, WSNR’s Speak Your Piece! Steve also co-hosted WWRL’s Morning Show with Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, Karen Hunter. He has been a frequent guest on major networks including CBS, NBC, BBC, and Entertainment Tonight. Steve is also a 25-year veteran of the sports marketing and event management industries.


Show Title


Nike and Odell Beckham Jr: The Greatest NFL Endorsement Ever? September 6th, 2017
The Supermax: Why PG13 and Gordon Hayward Left? September 13th, 2017
Take Me Out to the Ballgame: But At What Price? September 20th, 2017
Off The Field Income: Messi vs Ronaldo, Nike vs. Adidas September 27th, 2017
The Miami Marlins: Will Taxpayers Ever Regain Their Respect? October 4th, 2017
Michael Jordan: The G.O.A.T. of Protecting Private Property October 11th, 2017
TV Ratings are Way Down: So Why are Athlete Contracts Way Up? October 18th, 2017
The NBA Patch Deal: A 3-Year Experiment or Long-term Sponsors' Dream? October 25th, 2017
Lavar Ball: Distraction or Mastermind November 1st, 2017
From Books to The NFL: Are Amazon's Broadcasting Rights A Game Changer? November 8th, 2017
The Road to Vegas: Are the Raiders Ready for the Bright Lights? November 15th, 2017
The World's Highest Paid Athlete: How did Ronaldo Conquer the Globe? November 22nd, 2017
Do Athlete Names Influence Contract Outcomes? November 29th, 2017
Tim Tebow: Skill or Sales? December 6th, 2017
Dirk Keeps Giving up Money: For That Reason I'm Out December 13th, 2017
The Rio Olympics: The Financial Freefall is Far From Over December 20th, 2017
LeBron: Did Nike Just Solidify The King's Throne Forever? December 27th, 2017
Off the Field Athlete Mishaps: Do They Affect Sponsorships Equally? January 3rd, 2018
The NFL Halftime Show: Singing for Free? January 10th, 2018
If Nike's Already Sponsoring, Should You Just Do It? January 17th, 2018

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SportsBiz Media Group is a producer of proprietary multimedia sports content. Its flagship radio programming includes The Transaction Report and Dealers & Closers. The Transaction Report is a weekly program that transcends opinion and provides sports fans with a behind-the-scenes dynamic look at the multimillion-dollar deals that are rapidly changing the sports landscape. Dealers & Closers is a daily distributed feature showcasing industry leaders who have successfully negotiated team contracts, player endorsements, stadium developments, broadcasting rights, and corporate sponsorships.

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